• vision

    Ateliereen is creative and versatile.

    With a candid and fresh approach we answer everyday design assignments with appropriate and inspiring concepts.

    Ateliereen is idealistic.

    We come up with bright and innovative solutions and design with attention to the detail. We aim to contribute to a better environment.

    Ateliereen works for you.

    We provide a custom design for individuals, communities and professionals. With commitment and flexibility we strive, together with the client, for optimum results.

    Get inspired!

  • team

    Maud Nieraeth-van Banning and Bram Hurkens

    Ateliereen Architects is the name of our studio. This name has its origin at the beginning of our architecture study in Eindhoven. In the first year our group was named "atelier 1" (ateliereen) and during this year we worked together intensively. After this year of close cooperation, we went into different directions. This resulted in a variety of experiences during periods in Seville and Glasgow. This and the recurring cooperations and discussions about building and designing, have led to our professional collaboration. Ateliereen is the foundation of our close friendship and our trust in each other's qualities.