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Belfort Vossenberg

Completed 2020
Client Stichting Dorpsoverleg Meijel
Building contractor Bouwbedrijf Stammen, Meijel
Construction engineer Verkennis Advies, Ospel

De Vossenberg in Meijel is located at the egde of nature area the Peel. Here one can find some casemates of the second world war. A number of these casemates has been made perceptible and an observation tower is placed to enhance the experience of the De Vossenberg. The tower -or Belfort- has four spacious platforms where people look over the area. Each platform has a central theme: war and peace, the Peel, (land)art and the cultural landscape. On top, visitors overlook the Peel and the church villages.

The tower has a simple, robust shape, inspired by the casemates. It looks rather massive, but offers a light and pleasant route to the top. The short sides are covered with wood. This creates niches in the platforms where the theme stories can be depicted.

The base of the tower is made of concrete and protrude above ground level. This is another clear reference to the casemates and a good transition between the landscape and the tower. The tower is easily recognizable from afar and clearly marked De Vossenberg.