Lunchroom and workshop in Best

Completed 2017
Client Cello zorg
Building contractor Bouwbedrijf Baten BV
Interior architect Sheryl Leysner

Ateliereen designs a lunchroom and workshop -titled EEHT- for Cello Zorg. Cello provides care and services for people with disabilities to living, working and leisure. At the site of the windmill in Best they develop a lunchroom and workshop for these people.

The old mill-house will be re-designated as a lunchroom. The exterior of the mill-house will remain mostly intact. The front facade will be redesigned with a new and more open look to mark the entrance to the lunchroom. This same materials will also be used at the facade of the workshop, so that it is clear that both buildings belong together. The interior gets a spacious loft that offers a nice view to the mill.

The workshop will be housed in a new building which gets a striking facade facing the mill. The open and free layout of the floor plan, is visually divided by a playful roof structure. It offers workplaces with a view to the mill, but also more sheltered places in the back. Between the lunchroom and the workshop there will be a small new square that connects the different buildings.